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Miss Price
Mr. Browne

[Miss Price is searching in Mr. Browne's library, standing on a ladder attached to a rail on the high shelves.]
Mr. Browne: What's your name?
Miss Price: [Disinterestedly.] Miss Price.
Mr. Browne: No—I mean your first name.
Miss Price: Eglantine.
Mr. Browne: Eglantine...Eglantine... [He pushes the ladder upon which Miss Price is standing along the rail, startling her.] Oh, how you shine!

[Miss Price's belongings inadvertently come to life after she recites an ancient magical spell. Mr. Browne begins to dance with a nightdress.]
Miss Price: That's my nightgown!
Mr. Browne: Is it really, my dear?
Miss Price: Yes, and I'm not responsible for its behaviour.
Mr. Browne: Obviously not, my dear.

[An old man is playing dreary music on a piano which he is selling.]
Oh, Grandpa, you don't expect to sell a piano like that, do you?

[Miss Price, after turing the lion into a rabbit.]
Oh, bother. I do hate shoddy work.

[Mr. Browne is approached by two scantily-clad dancers who take him by either arm.]
Lovely to see you—goodbye!

[reading from Professor Browne's letter] "Technically a witch is always a lady except when circumstances dictate otherwise."

Children and I don't get on.

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