Dialouge quotes

Richard: Oh, God! Etienne: Putain de merde! Etienne: Well? Richard: Well, what? Etienne: How do we get down? Richard: How do we get down? How am I supposed to know? Do I have to decide everything now? Françoise: We'll jump. Etienne: ****! You wanted to be in command, Richard. Richard: I only took command, because you lost your nerve, French boy! Etienne: Yeah, and look where you've taken us ! [Large shot on the waterfall] Sten: We like fishing. Karl: Fishing, hehe. Sten: And in the winter we like skiing. Christo: Yeah! Sten: Of course, in Thailand there is no skiing. Richard: [voiceover] Our resident chef was known as Unhygienix. Unhygienix: Let's cook! Richard: [voiceover] On account of his obsession with soap. Unhygienix: Fish, fish, fish! [Scrubs hands and sniffs them] Unhygiegenix: Still I smell of fish! Françoise: What are you talking about? Richard: Just making conversation. Françoise: Do you have a girlfriend? Richard: Here? Françoise: Anywhere. Richard: No, why? Françoise: Just making conversation. Etienne: Oh ****! Richard! ****! Richard: What? Etienne: I saw a fin! Richard: What? Are you joking? Etienne: No, no. A fin! Richard: OK, a shark fin? Etienne: I don't know! Just a fin! Over there, about a hundred meters. Richard: Well, was it big? Etienne: Yes. Richard: Well, what the **** do you expect me to do about it? Etienne: Nothing! I just thought you should know! Richard: Well, to be honest, Etienne, I'd rather you hadn't told me! Etienne: I'm sorry! Richard: Well, it's a bit ****in' late now, isn't it?

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