Basic Instinct

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Catherine Tramell
Dr. Beth Garner
Gus Moran
Major cast
Nick Curran

[first lines]
Gus Moran: Who was this ****ing guy?
Nick Curran: Rock and Roll, Gus. Johnny Boz.
Gus Moran: Never heard of him.
Nick Curran: Before your time, cowboy. Hey, Ronny! Where they hiding?
Ronny: Upstairs, to the right.
Nick Curran: Mid Sixties, he had five or six hits. Got a club down in Fillmore now.
Gus Moran: Not now, he don't.

Nick Curran: Let me ask you something, Miss Tramell. Are you sorry he's dead?
Catherine Tramell: Yeah. I liked ****ing him.