Doug Remer: He's flat-lining!
Joe Cooper: Quick, where are those little heart paddles? The ones George Clooney uses!
Kenny Scolari: No! Not those!
Joe Cooper: Clear!
Kenny Scolari: Clear!
Kenny Scolari: [takes Joey's pulse]
Kenny Scolari: No pulse!
Joe Cooper: Turn up the power! 10,000 volts!
Doug Remer: 10,000 volts!
Joe Cooper: Clear!
Kenny Scolari: Clear!
[Speak fails to clear, gets electrocuted]
Doug Remer: Dude, it's not working!
Joe Cooper: Turn it up! 15,000 volts!
Doug Remer: 15,000 volts!
Kenny Scolari: [ears smoking] No...
[Sqeak is thrown back from the shock]
Doug Remer: Dude, do you even know what you're doing?
Joe Cooper: What does it look like?
Doug Remer: An execution?
Joe Cooper: Damn it man I'm trying to save an innocent life!
Doug Remer: I'm giving you all I've got captain!
Joe Cooper: I love ya always have. Heh.
Doug Remer: Heh.
Joe Cooper: CLEAR!
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