[Dildano tries to enlist Barbarella's aid in defeating the Black Queen.]
Dildano: She sleeps alone in a room above the Mathmos, surrounded by a wall of impenetrable energy, to which she alone has the secret key. There exists, however, a second secret key, which my agents have located, and is now in my possession. You want to discover the whereabouts of Durand Durand. I want to capture the Black Queen. You follow my meaning.
Barbarella: If you really do have the second secret key... why haven't you used it already?
Dildano: Ah!
[He looks confused.]
Dildano: Ah. Ah — ah! Because our forces have not as yet been strong enough! The capture of the Black Queen, ah... has to be associated with a military... coup! Hmm. With your weaponry and spacecraft, this can be brought about. With the Black Queen in your control, you can get her to divulge the whereabouts of Durand Durand!
Barbarella: Yes, I see.
[He turns to look at her, relieved.]
Dildano: Good.
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