[Barbarella falls down a chute into a room filled with phallic transport tubes, operated by a wiry, caped man.]
Dildano: The password — quickly!
Barbarella: I don't understand!
Dildano: Are you not a political prisoner?
Barbarella: I don't think so.
Dildano: Then you're not one of us.
Barbarella: I'm from Earth.
Dildano: Earth! Planet of the revolutions! W-w-will you join our cause?
Barbarella: What cause? Who are you?
Dildano: I-I'm Dildano, head of the revolutionary forces. This is our headquarters.
. . .
Barbarella: I suppose you realize you've saved my life.
Dildano: A life without cause is a life without effect.
Barbarella: Well, I-I'm sure I could get you a substantial recompense from my government.
Dildano: Earth woman. Shall I tell you what I would like?
[She gives him a rather pleased look.]
Barbarella: I think I know.
[She moves toward a bed and begins to undress.]
Dildano: No! No, not like that! Like on Earth, on-on-on Ea— on Earth! The pill! I-I-I have the pill!
Barbarella: But... uh... Couldn't we do it your way? I don't want to change your traditions.
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