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Barbarella quotes

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[From the theme song.]
Singer: Barbarella, psychedella / There's a kind of ****le shell about you...
Chorus: Barbarella, Bah-Barbarella...

[In an obvious homage to Hitch****'s The Birds, Barbarella is being chewed on (and disrobed) by colorful birds.]
Barbarella: This is really much too poetic a way to die!

[The Concierge leads Barbarella to a room, where the menacing woman emerges, both eyes now intact.]
Great Tyrant: So, my Pretty-Pretty, we meet again.
Barbarella: You! The little one-eyed wench!
Great Tyrant: You have a good memory, Pretty-Pretty. Yes, sometimes I like to go among my people. Be like them. Ordinary. "Evil", as you would call it. So... I'm your little one-eyed wench. I'm also the Great Tyrant.
Barbarella: Well! That's nice.
Great Tyrant: It amuses me immensely! Now I suppose you're interested in the whereabouts and welfare of a certain party, yes?
Barbarella: W— yes, I am! I'm here on the orders of the President of the Republic of Earth. I'm here to find Durand-Durand.
Great Tyrant: I'm not talking about him! I'm speaking of the angel!
Barbarella: Pygar?
Great Tyrant: Yes, Pygar. He has escaped the labyrinth. Crime. He has destroyed twelve of my black guards. Crime. And he dares to deprive me of a pleasure unique in Sogo — an Earthling. Crime! Crime!
Barbarella: Where is Pygar?
Great Tyrant: You want your fine-feathered friend?
[The Great Tyrant nods her head toward something behind Barbarella.]
Great Tyrant: There he is.
[A curtain of snow dissolves to reveal Pygar, tied to a crossbar, wings spread as if crucified.]
Barbarella: Pygar!
Great Tyrant: Amusing, isn't it, Pretty-Pretty? Don't you feel like playing?
. . .
[Barbarella surreptitiously draws Pygar's concealed blaster and grabs the Great Tyrant.]
Barbarella: De-crucify the angel!
Great Tyrant: What?
Barbarella: De-crucify him or I'll melt your face!
. . .
[The Concierge relieves Barbarella of her discharged weapon.]
Great Tyrant: So it was a trick, was it? You should have saved your tricks for... for...
Concierge: For the birds, Your Majesty?
Great Tyrant: Yes! Yes, the birds! The birds! Give her to the birds!

[The Concierge, revealed as Durand Durand himself, rants about his new purpose.]
Durand Durand: I speak of the dignity... the nobility of pure evil!
. . .
Barbarella: What have you done with the positronic ray?
Durand Durand: Oh, so that's it.
Barbarella: What does it do?
Durand Durand: All persons and objects in its path are de-minimalized to the fourth level.
Barbarella: You mean—
Durand Durand: That's right. Replaced in the fourth dimension, irretrievably.
. . .
[Dr. Durand explains his reluctance to attack the Black Queen.]
Durand Durand: Whoever succeeds in killing her will be put immediately to a horrible death. Hence my prudence.
[His manic expression turns to one of dismay.]
Durand Durand: I find horrible the idea that one could do to me, that which I do to others.

[The President speaks of Durand Durand's invention of a "positronic ray" weapon.]
Barbarella: Why would anybody want to invent a weapon?
President: How should I know?
Barbarella: I mean, the universe has been pacified for centuries... sir.
President: What we know of it. The trouble is, we don't know anything about Tau Ceti or its inhabitants.
Barbarella: You mean they could still be living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility?
President: Precisely.
. . .
Barbarella: Something must be done!
President: Yes. And you are the girl who must do it.
Barbarella: Why me?!
President: Barbarella! I have no armies, or police... and I can't spare the Presidential Band. Besides, you're a five-star, double-rated astronavigatrix. Your mission, then.
[Barbarella abruptly stands straight and salutes.]
President: Find Durand Durand, and use all of your incomparable talents to preserve the security of the stars.

[Two men, ominously advancing on a supine Barbarella, are stabbed from behind by a menacing one-eyed woman (who we'll later learn is the Great Tyrant).]
Great Tyrant: Hello, Pretty-Pretty.
Barbarella: [uneasily] Hello.
[Barbarella stands.]
Barbarella: Thank you very much.
Great Tyrant: Do you want to come and play with me? For someone like you I charge nothing.
[Barbarella tries to run, but the woman grabs her by the arm and draws her close.]
Great Tyrant: You're very pretty, Pretty-Pretty.
Barbarella: My name isn't Pretty-Pretty, it's Barbarella.

A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming.

An angel does not make love, an angel is love.

An angel has no memory

But you're soft and warm! We're told that Earth beings are cold.