Jennifer: Okay, come on, I think we're safe.
Marty: You know, this time it wasn't my fault. The Doc said all his clocks were twenty-five minutes slow -
Mr. Strickland: "Doc"!? Am I to understand you're still hanging around with Dr. Emmett Brown, McFly? [clicks with his mouth, gives Jennifer a tardy slip] Tardy slip for you, Miss Parker. [gives Marty one, too] And one for you, McFly. I believe that makes four in a row. Now let me give you a nickel's worth of free advice, young man. This so-called Dr. Brown is dangerous, he's a real nut case. You hang around with him, you're gonna end up in big trouble.
Marty: [smart-alecky] Oh, yes, sir.
Mr. Strickland: [pushes Marty a little bit] You got a real attitude problem, McFly. You're a slacker! You remind me of you father when he went here. He was a slacker too.
Marty: Can I go now, Mr. Strickland?
Mr. Strickland: I noticed your band is on the roster for the dance auditions after school today. Why even bother, McFly? You don't have a chance, you're too much like your old man. No McFly ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley!
Marty: Yeah, well, history is gonna change.
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