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Woman: Save the clock tower! Save the clock tower! Mayor Wilson is sponsoring an initiative to replace that clock. Thirty years ago, lightning struck that clock tower and the clock hasn't run since. We at the Hill Valley Preservation Society think it should be preserved exactly the way it is as part of our history and heritage -
Marty: Here you go, lady. Here's a quarter.
Woman: Thank you. Don't forget to take a flyer. (going off into distance) Save the clock tower!...

Note: These lines are from a deleted segment of the "Darth Vader from Planet Vulcan" scene.
Marty: (As "Darth Vader") You, George McFly, have created a rift in the space-time continium!
George: I'm sorry, I didn't mean it!

[Looking at his future self on video]:
Doc Brown: What am I wearing?
Marty McFly: Oh this, this is a radiation suit.
Doc Brown: Radiation suit? Of course! Because of all the fallout from the atomic wars! This is incredible. A portable television studio! No wonder your president has got to be an actor, he has to look good on television.

[Marty in his radiation suit puts his headphones over the sleeping George's head and wakes him up with loud music by Edward Van Halen.]
George: Wh-who are you?
[Marty plays loud music again.]
Marty: Silence earthling! My name is Darth Vader. (heavy breathing) I am an extraterrestial from the planet Vulcan! [Gives Vulcan salute]

[Marty is staring at George after Biff and his gang finish bullying him.]
George: What?
Marty: You're George McFly.
George: Yeah. Who are you?
Goldie Wilson: Say, why do let those boys push you around like that for?
George: Well, they're bigger than me.
Goldie Wilson: Stand tall, boy. Have some respect for yourself. Don't you know if you let people walk over you now, they'll be walking over you for the rest of your life! Look at me. You think I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in this slop house?
Coffee bar manager (Lou Carruthers): Watch it, Goldie!
Goldie Wilson: No, sir! I'm gonna make something of myself. I'm going to night school and one day I'm gonna be somebody!
Marty: That's right, he's gonna be mayor!
Goldie Wilson: Yeah, I'm gonna... mayor. Now that's a good idea. I could run for mayor.
Coffee bar manager (Lou Carruthers): A colored mayor, that'll be the day.
Goldie Wilson: You wait and see, Mr. Carruthers. I will be mayor! I'll be the most powerful mayor in Hill Valley and I'm gonna clean up this town.
Coffee bar manager (Lou Carruthers): Good. You can start by sweeping the floor.
Goldie Wilson: "Mayor Goldie Wilson". I like the sound of that.

[As Doc Brown dies] NOOOOOOOO!!!!! BASTARDS!!!!

[Being pursued by the Libyan terrorists] Let's see if you bastards can do 90!

[looks at his watch] Damn! Where is that kid! [looks at another watch] Damn! [and another] Damn, damn!

[On the phone to Doc] Damn, I'm late for school!

[pointing at a poster for a dance] Look! There's a rhythmic ceremonial ritual coming up!

[Upon arriving in 1985] Everything looks great!

All right. This is an oldie, but, uh... well it's an oldie where I come from.

Damn it, Doc! Why did you have to tear up that letter. If only I had more time... Wait, a minute, I got all the time I want! I got a time machine! I could just go back early and warn him. All right. Let's see, ten minutes ought to do it. Time circuits on, Flux Capacitor... fluxing, engine running, all right! [the car dies]

Doc, I'm from the future. I came here in a time machine that you invented. Now I need your help to get back to the year 1985.

Don't worry. As long as you hit that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88 miles an hour, the instant the lightning strikes the tower... everything will be fine!