Goldmember: Not so fast, shmarty-pants. Dr. Evil, you might not want to deschtroy the world, but I dooooooo... Preparation H goes ahead as planned. I'm going to flood the Earth!
Foxxy: Think again, Goldmember.
Goldmember: Ahh, Foxxy Cleopatra; it is a shame I had to kill your partner. Too bad for you-u-u!
Foxxy: Too bad for me? How about too bad for you (holds the gold tractor beam key over the shark tank which has sharks with lasers on their frickin' heads).
Goldmember: (in terror) Ho-no!
(Foxxy drops the key into the tank.)
Goldmember: No-ho-ho! No-ho-ho-ho! (composes himself) Luckily, I keep a spare.
(Goldmember turns around and removes his genitals with a lot of racheting and twisting.)
Goldmember: Look everyone, my winky was a key!
Nigel Powers: (in contempt) Only a bloody Dutchman!
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