Dr. Evil: Lower the globe.
Frau: (screeching) Lower the globe! [Goldmember flinches, the globe falls onto Dr. Evil's head]
Dr. Evil: Oww! Ow!
Goldmember: Scheiße!
Dr. Evil: Well, congratulations, numb-nuts! You've succeeded in turning me into a frickin'g jack-in-the-box! Get it off! Get it off! It's dark, it's dark! [Number 2 pulls the globe off Dr. Evil's head.] Okay! I'm okay. [Goldmember chuckles] Release the meteor.
Frau: (screeching) Release the meteor! [Mini-me swings a gold meteor model into Dr. Evil's groin]
Dr. Evil: (falls over) Ohh! Oh! Ohh, ohh, no way!
Goldmember: Right in the kniggin!
Dr. Evil: God damn it! Oh! Guys! [to Mini-me who shrugs afterwards] Way to go, a-hole! Everyone, just let me find my balls here, for God's sake... 1, 2, and 3. Okay, they're all there. I'm okay, I'm okay.
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