Gaeton "Mole" Moliere quotes

[to Milo] You ask too many questions! Who are you?! Who sent you?! Speak up! Bah! I will know soon enough. [He grabs Milo's hand. Milo protests.] Do not be such a crybaby! Hold still! [Takes a bit of dirt from under one of Milo's fingernails.] Aha! There you are. Now tell me your story, my little friend. [Looks at dirt under magnifying lenses] Parchment fiber from the Nile circa 500 B.C., lead pencil No. 2, paint flecks of a type used in government buildings, you have a cat, short hair Persian, two years old, third in a litter of seven. These are all the microscopic fingerprints of the mapmaker. [Tastes dirt] And linguist.

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