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Ladybug: This tastes just like crap.
Beetle: Really? Let me try some. Hey, it is crap. Not bad.
Mosquito: What if, like, we're just these tiny things... and we're just, like, part of this whole other huge universe...that's, like, so big we don't even know it exists?
Ladybug: Man, that is so deep.
Bala : Excuse me. I guess you didn't recognize me. My name is Princess Bala. I've been traveling, and I'm all... schlumpy.
Chip: It's worse than I thought. They're Euro-trash.
Bala : Haven't I seen you somewhere before?
Z: Well, maybe, then again, maybe not, and then again... yowch.
Bala : That's it. You're the guy from the bar.
Z: Shhh.
Queen: Bar? What bar?
Bala : I... danced with this guy at the bar the other night. He was just a worker, then.
Queen: What were you doing at a bar?
General Mandible: Precisely what I want to know.
Bala : No. This isn't about me. I mean, Look at this worker. Look what he's done.
Z: I think - I think you're thinking of someone else. After all, I am a soldier.
Bala : Exactly. You WERE a worker, but now you're a war hero.
Queen: He's a worker?
General Mandible: A worker danced with my fiance?
Z: F-fiance? Hey, w-wait a minute. Th-this is not how it looks. I-I can explain this... hey, SHE was the one making all the moves.
Bala : Don't you get it? I chose you because you were the most pathetic bug in the joint.
Z: You know, I was going to let you become a part of my most erotic fantasies, but now you can just write it off.
Bala : I've been kidnapped by the village idiot.
Z: Who's the bigger idiot? The idiot, or the idiot who gets kidnapped by the idiot?
Z: Let me ask you something - what made you come to the bar that night?
Bala : I guess I was looking for a little trouble.
Z: Well, trouble's my middle name. Actually, my middle name is Marion, but I don't want you spreading that around.
Weaver: Z, I've known you for a long time, right?
Z: Definitely; you were born two seconds after me.
Weaver: And ever since I've known you, all you do is complain; what are you bitching about? If you haven't noticed, us ants are runnin' the show. We're the lords of the Earth!
Z: Hey. Don't talk to me about "Earth", 'cause I just spent my day hauling it around.
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