Zack Mayo: You didn't kick him out, did you? Wait, sir! Didn't he tell you what he's been going through?
GySgt. Emil Foley: It doesn't matter what he's been going through; that's what bartenders are for. What does matter is that he freaked out for some reason at twenty-five thousand feet, and that can happen. Period.
Zack Mayo: There's this girl that he's gotten pregnant, and she's putting him through hell, sir.
Sid Worley: He's right, Zack. It doesn't matter.
Zack Mayo: Just like that? It's all over? With less than two weeks to go, you're out?
GySgt Emil Foley: It can still happen to you too, Mayo-naise.
Zack Mayo: I am talking to you, mother****er!
GySgt. Emil Foley: What did you call me?
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