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An Officer and a Gentleman

An Officer and a Gentleman quotes

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GySgt. Emil Foley

[upon graduation]
GySgt. Emil Foley: Congratulations, Ensign Seegar.
Casey Seegar: Thank you, sir.
GySgt. Emil Foley: Gunnery Sgt, Ensign Seegar, sir.

[After a trainee at attention tells him he comes from Tucson, Arizona] There are only two things come out of Arizona. they are steers and queers."

[his first cadence, for Zack and the other OC's] Sergeant Foley, can't you see; A Puget Deb is after me; Please don't let me catch my tail; I'd be better off in the country jail...! My mom was a Deb, my grandma too; That's all them gals know how to do; She'll catch my butt before she's through; Sergeant Foley, it's up to you!

[his second cadence, for Zack alone] Candidate Mayo's strutting in the dirt; Look at his face, he's starting to hurt; Here he is, thinking he's a great big star; But before too long, he's gonna D.O.R.; Seen guys like you a hundred times; I'm telling you, Mayo, I'm one of a kind; Gonna give you more than you can take; I'm gonna watch you crumble and watch you break!

[referring to Della Serra's haircut] Now this is my idea of an ass bandit. Wait till some of the local girls get a look at you, Scrotum Head.

[when cadet Seeger fails to climb wall] You're one of those girls who couldn't get enough of daddy's attention because he really wanted a son...That's right, walk around, Sugar Britches!

I don't believe what I'm seein'. Where've you been all your lives? At an orgy? Listening to Mick Jagger and bad-mouthin' our country, I'll bet!

In every class, there's always one joker who thinks that he's smarter than me. In that class, that happens to be you. Isn't it, Mayo-naise?

There's not gonna be any liberty for you boys, 'cause you'll be going home by then.