David: I keep having these really terrible dreams. They are getting worse and I can't seem to stop them.
Alex: David, your dreams will stop. You'll leave England and your bad memories; and then this will all fade away.
David: Will you come with me?
Alex: What?
David: [smiling] I'm serious. You don't know me and I know nothing about you. We have a perfect relationship.
Alex: Now, David, I said I would keep you company, but I meant right here and now.
David: Will you think about it?
Alex: How did we get from your ba dreams to my taking a holiday with a patient?
David: [smiles] Not just a patient -- me.
Alex: You're being awfully forward, aren't you?
David: Forgive me, I'm trying to cheer myself up and an affair with a beautiful nurse seemed like just the thing to do it.
Alex: [smiles] All I am to you is a sex fantasy then?
David: Now I'm embarrassed.
Alex: Good. I thought for a moment I was the only embarrassed one in the room.
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