Jack: Do you think she'll meet me in Rome?
David: I think Debbie Klein is a mediocre person with a good body.
Jack: Debbie is not mediocre and she has one of the great bodies of all time.
David: She's a jerk.
Jack: You're talking about the woman I love.
David: I'm talking about a girl you want to ****, so give me a break.
Jack: Well, anyway, do you think she'll be there?
David: I don't know.
Jack: [like an announcer] Rendezvous in Rome starring Jack Goodman and Debbie Klein. The love affair that shocked Europe! See torrid lovemaking at its most explicit! See Jack and Debbie expose their lust in the sacred halls of the Vatican! Never has the screen dared....
David: If you don't stop, I'm going to kill you.
Jack: I have to make love to her. It's very simple. She has no choice really.
David: It just fascinates me that you can spend so much energy on someone so dull.
Jack: There is nothing dull about that body.
David: We've known Debbie what, since the eighth grade? How many years of foreplay is that?
Jack: She says she "likes me too much".
[David laughs]
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