Orphan #1: So what's your story?
Fievel Mousekewitz: I'm looking for my family.
Orphan #2: Hey, fellas! He's looking for his family.
Orphan #1, Orphan #3: [Teasing] He's looking for his family!
Orphan #3: I stopped looking a long time ago.
Orphan #2: At least you know who they are.
Orphan #1: Besides, why are you looking for them? They should be looking...
Orphan #1, Orphan #2, Orphan #3: ...for you!
Orphan #3: They don't care. Forget 'em.
Fievel Mousekewitz: [Angry] You're right! They don't care, and if they did, they would have found me! Well, if they don't care, I don't care! I hope I never see them again!
Orphan #2: Yeah! You're Nothing! You're Junk! You're Stupid!
Orphan #1: Here. Make yourself a bed.
[They toss hay over Fievel]:
Orphan #1: Ha-ha-ha! Pig boy.
Fievel Mousekewitz: [Crying] I'll never find them anyway. Never. Never. Never. This is my home now.
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