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Bishop Don Magic Juan
Fillmore Slim
Gorgeous Dre
Sir Captain

Any man can kill, right? Any woman can be turned out.

"Priests need nuns, doctors need nurses. So ho's need pimps."

"If a ho don't have no instruction, she's gonna be headed for self-destruction, nam sayin?."

"Hey what's happening Red?" "Oh you know, same soup just reheated. A pimp do"

"People be sayin' that we be making hos do this and we be making hos do that, but we aint making hos do a goddamn mother ****ing thang when they talkin' 'bout he pimpin. We just introducing them to this shit and making sure that they be doin' this mother ****in' shit right."

"Love don't mix with this pimpin man what the hell you talkin' 'bout"

"It ain't easy, man. It might look glamour-like to ya, cuz ya see me riiiidin'...ya dig? Snakeskin down to tha flo', ya dig? Hat and shoes to match. Diamonds on fingers and watches on arms...It might look easy, but ya gon' hafta work some to get to this status...see ya at the top."

"Any bitch can get out there and sell some pussy. Yeah, yeah, she can get out there and sell some pussy all day long. But she don't know the ins and outs and the ins and outs and outs and ins."

The street game is the only game the white man can't control.

"If there ain't another pimp in the country, there's gonna be some motha****in' hoes, hoe-in..."

"Pussy gon' sell when cotton and corn won't."

"She a funky, once-a-month-bleeding, dirty-down bitch."

"I'll Pimp A bitch in chilly cold blood"