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Charlie: Uh, how's the Book, Miss?
[no answer]
Charlie: Well, not that I ain't read it, that is to say, my poor old Mum used to read me stories out of it.
[no answer]
Charlie: How's about reading it out loud?
[no answer]
Charlie: I could sure do with a little spiritual comfort myself.
[no answer]
Charlie': And you call yourself a Christian! Do you hear me? Don't ya? Don't ya? [yelling] Huh?
[no answer]
Charlie: What ya being so mean for, Miss? A man takes a drop too much once and a while, it's only human nature.
Rose: Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.
Charlie: Miss, I'm sorry. I apologize. What more can a man do than say he's sorry, huh? You done paid me back, Miss. You didn't even leave me a drop. Miss, have a heart. Fair is fair. You gotta say somethin', I don't care what it is, but you gotta say something. I'll be honest with ya, Miss. I, I just can't stand no more of this. I-I just ain't used to it, that's all.
Rose: So you think it was your nasty drunkenness I minded.
Charlie: Well, what else?
Rose: You promised you'd go down the river.
Charlie: Miss. Listen to me and try to understand. There's death a dozen times over down the river. I'm sorry to disappoint ya, but don't blame me. Blame the Ulanga.
Rose: You promised.
Charlie: [shouting] Well, I'm taking my promise back.
[no answer]
Charlie: All right, Miss. You win. As the crocodiles will be glad to hear, 'Down the river we go.'
Rose: Have some breakfast, Mr. Allnut...Or no. Get up steam. Breakfast can wait.
Charlie: [pointing to crocodiles] Waiting for their supper, Miss.
Rose: Don't be worried, Mr. Allnut.
Charlie: Oh, I ain't worried, Miss. Gave myself up for dead back where we started.
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