The Adventures of Robin Hood

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Prince John
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Sir Robin of Locksley
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Robin: To them, this is heaven. Silks for rags. Kindness instead of riches. Limitless food instead of hunger. Why, they're actually happy!
Marian: Are they?
Robin: Aren't you even a little pleased to see them enjoying themselves?
Marian: I think it's revolting.
Robin: Ha. Your life's been very sheltered, hasn't it, Marian? Too sheltered perhaps. But if you could know these people as I know them, their infinite patience, loyalty, goodness...
Merry Man: To the tables, everybody, and stuff yourselves!
Marian: I'm afraid the company has spoiled my appetite.

Well, this is what we Normans like - good food, good company, and a beautiful woman to flatter me.