Marian: He is different from anyone I've ever known. He's, well he's brave and he's reckless, and yet he's...gentle and kind. He's not brutal like...tell me, when you are in love, is it, well, is it hard to think of anybody but, but one person?
Bess: Yes, indeed my lady, and sometimes it's a bit of trouble sleeping.
Marian: I know, but it's a nice kind of not sleeping.
Bess: And it affects your appetite too. Not that I've noticed it's done that to you, except when he was in the dungeon waiting to be hanged.
Marian: And does it make you want to be with him all the time?
Bess: Yes, and when he's with you, your legs are as weak as water. Tell me, my lady. When he looks at you, do you feel a kind of prickly feeling like goosy pimples running all up and down your spine?...Then there's not a doubt of it.
Marian: Doubt of what?
Robin: [entering through the window] That you're in love.
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