Prince John: Was it worthwhile, coming with me from London to see what stout fellows our Nottingham friends are? Take Sir Guy. He's from London, one of our most renowned defenders of the realm.
Marian: Must I take him, your Highness?
Prince John: Why, you like him, don't you?
Marian: Well, he's a Norman, of course.
Prince John: Is that the only reason for liking him?
Marian: Isn't that reason enough for a royal ward...?
Prince John: Nay, I'll not force you, my lady. But he's our most powerful friend in these shires. And he's already in love with you. If I could promise him marriage to a royal ward, it might help my plans.
Marian: Perhaps when I know him better.
Prince John: Of course. You're a very wise young woman.
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