Ben: In life, it's important to distinguish between need and want. You think you want something because you've been conditioned to want it.
Kid: I want the pump!
Ben: I don't got the pump. But look! I've got the Tim Dunkan Adidas Cool D's.
Kid: I want the pump!
Ben: Listen you insolent little snot! There are kids right now in Asia, who are sewing your stupid shoes together, so that their family can have a bowl of rice to eat tonight!
Schrader: This is the worst idea of all time.
Bartleby: Your Uncle Ben used to be a genius. It'll be fine.
Woman: What did you do?
Ben: You're the one who emotionally crippled the kid. You know what? Maybe he's retarded. I'm glad my mother's DEAD!
Bartleby: He's just having a bad day.
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