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Jessie's mother asked Norman to take Neal fishing, the set a time for 6:00 AM on Friday, but Neal shows up, with "Old Rawhide" him, closer to midday. Paul and Norman are obviously furious: Norman Maclean: You're late, Neal.
Neal Burns: Yeah, yeah, I didn't get in until late.
Paul Maclean: Well, I didn't get in at all but I was here.
Norman Maclean: Neal, Paul. Paul, Neal.
Neal goes to introduce Rawhide: Paul and Norman [in uncaring unison]: We've met.
Paul Maclean: Neal, in Montana, there's three things we're never late for: church, work, and fishing.
After Paul goes off fishing by himself, he finds Norman napping alone in the afternoon shade by the bank of the river: Paul Maclean: Couldn't you find him?
Norman Maclean: The hell with him.
Paul Maclean: Well, I thought you were supposed to help him.
Norman Maclean: How the hell do you help that son of a bitch?
Paul Maclean: By taking him fishing.
Norman Maclean: He doesn't like fishing. He doesn't like Montana and he sure as hell doesn't like me.
Paul Maclean: Well, maybe what he likes is somebody trying to help him.
Paul and Norman go in search of Neal and Rawhide only to find them asleep on their stomachs in a small clearing, completely naked and sun burnt to a red crisp. Norman gets the sunburned Neal into the Burns family car to drive Neal home, and the looks at Paul: Norman Maclean: I'm in deep trouble.
Paul Maclean: Yep. Want me to come over and protect you?
Since Norman drove Neal home in the Burns car, he needs a ride home. Jessie gives a ride home and when the get there Paul arrives in his car. Paul Maclean: Hello, Jess.
Jessie Burns: Hey, Paul.
Paul Maclean: How's your brother?
Jessie Burns: You both left him alone.
Paul Maclean: Well, I'm sorry about that. That was my fault.
Jessie Burns: Well, you're not forgiven.
Paul Maclean: Was Norman forgiven?
Jessie Burns: Norman's not funny.
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