"Wrong Crowd" quotes

From the scene "Wrong Crowd". After Norman's profession of love over Jessie to Paul, Paul takes Norman to illegal drinking, gambling, and brothel establishment at Lolo Hot Springs. After Paul gets kicked out once from trying to get in the game, Norman and Paul go outside. After Norman gets in the car, thinking that both of them are leaving, Paul throws Norman the keys, Norman nods at Paul as if asking 'what are you doing'?: Paul Maclean: I'm not leavin'.
Norman Maclean: What?
Paul Maclean: These hands are hot, Norm. I can feel it.
Norman Maclean: What are you talking about? You can't go back in there.
Paul Maclean: Norman, it's fine. I'll be fine.
Norman Maclean: But they won't even let you play.
Paul Maclean: Oh, yes they will.
Norman Maclean: With what? Your own debt up to your God damned neck.
Paul Maclean: Norm, it's my debt. OK, it's my debt.
Norman Maclean: Jesus Christ.

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