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"Sending Neal Off" quotes

From the scene "Sending Neal Off", after the see Neal off on the train back to Hollywood, Jessie laments that her brother is a lost soul, and she and Norman take a quite walk in the woods: Jessie Burns: If he came back next summer, would you try and help him?
Norman Maclean: If you wanted me to.
Jessie Burns: Well he's not coming back.
Norman Maclean: Well, at least he's got friends out there.
Jessie Burns: Who Ronald Coleman?
Jessie Burns: Why is it the people who need the most help... won't take it?
Norman Maclean: I don't know Jess.
Jessie starts to cry. Jessie Burns: Well, I don't cry Norman.
Norman takes his handkerchief and drys her eyes. Norman Maclean: Can I show you something?
Jessie Burns: Only if it's something good
Norman Maclean: Read
Norman hands the Jessie his letter from the University of Chicago: Norman Maclean: So, what do you think?
Jessie Burns: What do I think? I think it's the berries!
Norman Maclean: You do?
Jessie Burns: Yeah, to get away, Chicago, God it's haven.
Norman Maclean: Have you ever been?
Jessie Burns: No, not anywhere. Helena.
Jessie Burns: Congratulations Norman!
Norman Maclean: Truth is, I'm not sure about I want to leave.
Jessie Burns: Montana? Why? It'll always be here.
Norman Maclean: Not Montana.
Jessie Burns: Then what? What!
Norman Maclean: I'm not sure I want to leave you.
They pause looking at each other, looking for reaction that goes unspoken, she flings her arms around him, and they both know that they are in love.

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