A Night at The Roxbury

A Night at The Roxbury quotes

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Doug Butabi
Steve Butabi

Steve: I miss Doug!
Kamehl Butabi: He's in the guest house! He's 20 feet away!
Steve: But he doesn't have cable!
Kamehl Butabi: Yes he does! He has Cinemax!
Steve: But there's no HBO! GOD! [runs off crying]

(a Topless woman gets out of the pool and asks for a towel)
Steve: Good, how are you?
Doug: About 8 o'clock, 8:15. Yeah, all the time.
Steve: BMW.
Doug: Right at sunset.
Steve: Vanilla mostly.

(Old women asks about fake roses)
Women In Flower Store: How long will they last?
Steve: Well, they'll last forever, cause they're silk. They'll always be there. They'll never die. They'll never change. They'll never say you're not good looking. They'll always be in your room where you left them and not suddenly move out to the guest house