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28 Days Later

28 Days Later quotes

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Major Henry West
Multiple Characters
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Plans are pointless. Staying alive is as good as it gets.

Selena: What's up?
Jim: Nothing. Got a headache.
Selena: Bad?
Jim: Yeah, it's pretty bad.
Selena: Well, why didn't you say anything before?
Jim: Well, because I didn't think you'd give a shit.

[Believing Jim to be infected, Selena tries to kill him, but hestitates; Jim's response:] That was longer than a heartbeat.

Oh, great. Valium. Not only will we be able to go to sleep — if we get attacked in the middle of the night, we won't even care.

[Frank has decided to leave London by driving through a tunnel.] No, no. No, this is really a shit idea. You know why? Because this is really, obviously a shit idea.

[Walk through the empty streets of London:] Hello?!

There's always a government! They're in a, a bunker, or a plane!

It started off as rioting. But right from the beginning you knew this was different, because it was happening in small villages, market towns... and then it wasn't on TV anymore. It was on the street outside. It was coming through your windows. It was a virus, an infection. You didn't need a doctor to tell you that. It was the blood, or something in the blood. By the time they tried to evacuate the cities, it was already too late. The infection was everywhere. The army blockades were overrun, and that's when the exodus started. The day before the TV stopped broadcasting, there were reports of infection in Paris and New York. You didn't hear anything more after that.

[On finding an abandoned, and full, supermarket] Let's shop!

[After fending off the soliders by kissing one of them, thus changing the balance of power] If you want us to get changed, you have to leave the room. Okay? It's just polite.

[Last line] Do you think he saw us that time?

You wouldn't think it — needing rain so badly. Not in ****ing England.

[by a display of apples, the store's only undecayed produce] Mmm... irradiated.

Secondary to protection, our real job is to rebuild. Start again.

This is what I've seen in the four weeks since infection: people killing people. Which is much what I saw in the four weeks before infection, and the four weeks before that, and before that, as far back as I care to remember- people killing people. Which, to my mind, puts us in a state of normality right now.