Tej quotes

Alright, Alright, Fire 'em up!!

Damn, Suki,... Uh when you gonna pop my clutch, huh?

Whoa, fellas, fellas. I know my tags are outta date, but damn!

Do I even wanna know where the Skyline is, Dawg? Or where you've been for the past couple'a days? Or where the hell you got these rides from?

Yo, Jimmy, man, give me the status. Tell me we good.

All right. You each got a barrel to go around down at the end of the road here. Second wave gotta sit tight till your partner crosses this line right here. First team to go down and back twice wins the race... at which point, the losers WILL hand over them keys. Otherwise, you'll be eating breakfast through straws from now on.

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