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13 Going on 30

13 Going on 30 quotes

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Jenna Rink
Multiple Characters

Lucy: Can you get in the car?
Jenna: I can't get in the car, I don't get in the car with strangers.
Lucy: Please get in the car, we're gonna be late.
Jenna: I can't get in the car, I don't know you.
Lucy: Just get in the car.
Jenna: I don't get in the car with strangers!
Lucy: You're being a little paranoid.

Lucy: Okay, Jenna, repeat after me: I am Jenna Rink, big time magazine editor.
Jenna: I am?
Lucy: Say it.
Jenna: I am Jenna Rink big time magazine editor.
Lucy: I'm a tough bitch.
[Jenna looks away, embarrassed to say it]
Lucy: Say it!
Jenna: I am a tough [whispers] bitch.
Lucy: I'm gonna walk into this office and not let anyone know I'm hung over.
Jenna: But that's just it. I'm not hung over-
[Lucy gives her pointed look]
Jenna: [sighs] I'm gonna walk into this office and not let anyone know I'm hung over.

Matt: Arrivederci.
Jenna: Au revoir.

Matt: Jenna, what are you... Why are you here?
Jenna: Matty, I told you - something really weird is happening. Yesterday was my 13th birthday and then, and then today I woke up and I'm this, and you, I mean - you're that! You get it?
Matt: [long pause] Are you high? You been smoking pot? Doing X? Fallen into a K-Hole? You doing drugs?

Matt: You can't just turn back time, Jenna.
Jenna: Why not?

Matt: You know, I can't believe you invited those clones.
Jenna: They're my friends.
Matt: The Six Chicks are not your friends, okay?
Jenna: Well… almost. And someday I'm gonna be a Six Chick.
Matt: There are six of them, Jenna. That's the whole point. there can't be a seventh Six Chick. It's just mathematically impossible. Besides, you're way cooler than they are. they're totally unoriginal.
Jenna: I don't wanna be original, Matty. I wanna be cool.

Mom: Just because you don't look like those girls in Poise magazine doesn't mean you're not beautiful in your own way.
Jenna: I don't wanna be beautiful in my own way. I wanna look like these people!
Mom: Oh, those aren't people, honey. Those are models.

Richard: Jenna, my balls - Excuse my French - are in an iron vice. Corporates are twisting and squeezing like a bunch of dominatrixes on steroids, and now Lucy is presenting her own re-design without you. Could you tell me what is going on?
Jenna: What is going on is that you are going to have more choices.
Richard: With all due respect to Lucy, I'm far more anxious to know what you've been working on.
Jenna: Thank you.
Richard: I'm not trying to compliment you. I'm trying to pressure you.
Jenna: How long until your balls get totally squished?
Richard: Hopefully never, I'm rather attached to my balls.
Jenna: Can they hang in there til five?
Arlene: Jenna your prints are ready!
Jenna: Ok wait a second! [goes in and out of her office]
Jenna: Oh aren't you coming?
Arlene: Yes, yes hang on!
Richard: Ok so everybody's invited now hmm?
Arlene: Oh excuse me..[walking past Richard]
Richard: Oh no go know - what am I? Just an editor in chief - whatever!

Richard: So, who's the mystery photographer?
Jenna: Matt Flamhaff.
Richard: Is he Arthur, or Martha?
Jenna: Matt. He's Matt.
Richard: [chuckles] No — is he gay?
Jenna: [after pausing to look him up and down] Are you gay?

Richard: Who's your daddy?
Jenna: Wayne Rink!

Dad! You promised you were gonna stay upstairs! GO!

I wanna be thirty. Thirty and flirty and thriving...