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Cruella De Vil

Why, you horrid man! All right, keep the little beasts for all I care! Do what you want with them! Drown them! But I warn you, Anita, we're through! I'm through with all of you! I'll get even! Just wait! You'll be sorry, you fools! You... you IDIOTS!! (Cruella slams the door and window breaks)

They are my only true love dah-ling. I live for furs, I worship furs. After all is there a woman in this wretched world who doesn't?

Now listen you idiots, I'll be back first thing in the morning and the job better be done or I'll...I'll...I'll call the police. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? (Cruella slams the door)

[When Jasper tells her over the phone that the Dalmatians' kidnapping is in the papers] Hang the papers! It'll be forgotten tomorrow!